Actionable insights from consumers ™ is a non-intrusive patented surveying methodology that leverages programmatic advertising technology to deliver immediate insights from targeted audiences across mobile and desktop devices. ™ provides an innovative, effective and simple way of engaging with consumers for:


Market Research & Consumer Insights

Business Intelligence

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How mindtalks is changing the game

Unparalleled reach

By leveraging programmatic advertising platforms, mindtalks reaches online consumers anytime, anywhere and in their own language.


Frictionless engagement

mindtalks offers a unique technology that enables consumers to respond to a survey, with one click, within the programmatic ad window: we call this window a survad.


Real-time insights

By delivering insights in real time, mindtalks enables faster decisions.

Programmatic surveying

How it works

mindtalks‘ surveys are displayed across browsers and devices in the same way as programmatic ads; this means that consumers interact with the survey in a small window within the website.

Real-time insights

What you receive

A real-time dashboard with instant insights segmented by gender, age bracket, location, date, time, browser, device, in market segments, affinity categories and other categories. All data points can be exported in excel, google sheets or csv.

Use cases

mindtalks’ survads are used in a variety of scenarios where immediate feedback from targeted consumers is required

Brand awareness

Have you heard of this brand?

Brand association

What do you associate with this brand?

Purchase intent

Would you buy this brand?


Political interest

Which of these issues or candidates matter to you?

These brands are already mindtalking, are you ready?

The power of the consumer voice

Start mindtalking

Today more than ever it is of utmost importance that brands establish a frictionless dialogue with highly targeted consumers. By leveraging our platform, you can start “mindtalking” with consumers by asking questions and receiving immediate responses in an unobtrusive manner. 

About us

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Frequently asked questions

What is programmatic surveying?

The concept of programmatic surveying derives from the combination of programmatic advertising and online surveying.  In programmatic ad buying, programmatic software allows advertisers to buy guaranteed targeted ad impressions from specific publisher sites – this method of buying is often referred to as “programmatic direct.” In programmatic surveying, the ads bought using programmatic software are used to display a short survey, or “survad”, instead of a regular ad.

What is a survad?

A survad is a short survey that is served to target consumers in the window of an online ad. At mindtalks we developed a proprietary and patented technology that leverages the infrastructure of online ads and programmatic advertising to offer a non-intrusive way of establishing a dialogue with online consumers.

What is an ad tag?

An ad tag is the HTML code a browser uses to fetch a survad from an ad server – it is a redirect to content rather than content itself

How does mindtalks interact with clients and ad agencies?

mindtalks works with clients in order to define the specific type of survad to be used, questions to be asked and choices of responses to be displayed in the survad. Finally, a landing webpage is defined as a final step of the survad navigation – this is the website where the respondent is directed after completing the survad. For agencies and partners, the technical team at mindtalks builds the “ad tag” (code) that will be provided to the ad agency or partner that buys programmatic ads for the client, in this case, the ad tag is uploaded in the agency preferred programmatic advertising platform or DSP  in the same way as a traditional ad.

Why do survads generate a higher response rate than regular surveys?

Survads – as opposed to traditional ways of serving online surveys – generate a response rate that is between 4X and 10X that of traditional technologies. This is because of two main factors: the use of programmatic ad purchasing technology and reduced friction. The use of programmatic technology enables for laser-focus targeting of consumers for which the survad question is highly relevant and therefore increases the propensity to respond. The reduced friction results from the fact that the interaction with the survad is contained within the small ad window inserted in the webpage, therefore facilitating responding to the question with just one simple click.

How do I select my target audience for the survad?

Based on your objective for engaging with consumers, you’ll have to select a specific target that will be used to buy ads programmatically. You will work with your ad agency or internal team who buys the programmatic advertising to select the target audience to whom the survads will be delivered.

Does do the programmatic ad buying?

We do not do the programmatic ad buying. Instead, we work with your agency or internal team in charge of buying ad space programmatically and provide them with the ad tag that contains all the survad algorithms and artwork so that it can be published in the same way as a regular ad.

How can I access the results from the survads in real time?
mindtalks provides you with a link where you can monitor – in real time – how your target audience is responding. You will be able to see how many survad impressions have been served and how many “readers” of the survad are responding. In addition, we will provide you with details in terms of responses chosen, gender, age range, device, and other attributes of the respondent. You will also have access to a comprehensive report including all data points captured.
How long does it take to publish a survad once I submitted my request to
The ad tag for the survad is available within 48 hours of receiving the request.

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